Qingdao NPA Industry Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer specializing in centrifugal casting tube and static castings of heat resistant alloys, including ethylene cracking furnace roller, reformer furnace roller, CAL(continuous annealing lines) &CGL(continuous galvanizing lines) furnace roller and radiant tube, glass lehr roller and heat/wear resistant castings. The annual capacity is 9000 tons centrifugal casting tube and 3500 tons static castings (500 tons precision castings). NPA products have been widely used by many petrochemical companies and metallurgy companies.
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W-type radiant tube

Twisted tube

Roformer tube

JFE W-type radiant tube

W-Type Radiation Tube


Cracking Furnace Tube

Over-heating Furnace Tube Assembly

Flange Cap Assembly

Reformer Tube Assembly



Radiant tube tee

Radiant tube elbow

Tube Section

U&S type bent tube

W-type radiant tube

Twisted tube

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